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Sammy Khoo - Photographer 

a little about me...

Hi, I am a Portrait & Boudoir Photography Specialist. I provide everyday women the ability to exist beautifully in photos. I believe that all women are beautiful and my Photography & Posing skills bring to life that existing beauty in all women. 

My passion is photographing women. I photograph everyday women & in my opinion, imperfection is perfection. No two women are alike & I love that we are all created different. Being a woman myself I can relate to all the insecurities that plague us as women therefore my best asset is to make you love you for who you are.  

my past ...

I grew up on a little island called Penang and by the age of 13 I moved to London to study fine art. After completing school, I decided that mainstream schooling was not for me and so returned to Malaysia. 

I was lucky enough to enter the thriving TV Commercial production industry. I loved it because I was able to then explore an "artistic career" as a creative. 

I stayed in this industry for more than a decade exploring all forms of creativity and eventually faced the challenge of becoming a Film Director for TV commercials. After some time, as soon as digital cameras came about I was hooked on an alternative form of art! I immersed myself into my photography and once I had gained enough momentum and courage I switched paths without ever looking back.

my belief ...

I strongly believe that education is a process and that we gain through experience.  If you do what you love - you will love what you do.

I am addicted to photography and anyone who knows me will tell you that I spend every single day of my life either shooting, retouching, blogging, marketing, researching, learning, improving and more. Photography has become my core passion and perhaps even an obsession. 

I own my own studio (which I adore) and it's where all my shoots take place. My studio is in Kuala Lumpur but I do shoot on location as well as in Singapore. Every 3 months, I schedule Portrait, Boudoir and Maternity shoots in Singapore therefore stay in touch with me by "Liking" my page www.facebook.com/SammyKhooPhotography and I will release new dates for Singapore from time to time. 

Well enough about me, do tell me a little about  you... or email me for a consultation.

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