common questions

1. I am not very young and dont have a perfect body (a lil plumpish, pear shaped w stretch marks) so I am worried that my boudoir pictures might look like a middle aged fat woman trying to look sexy, how do we go about that? 

Sammy Khoo specializes in photographing everday women who come is all shapes and sizes. With great posing directions and camera angles we will turn you into the beauty you allready are. 

2. How many sets of lingerie & what type of lingerie is recommended for me to bring?

We encourage all Clients to go all out in this arena and get those sexy little numbers that look and make you feel great about yourself! Check out the links to legitimate online lingerie shops I have listed under Products.  

3. What is the photography packages priced at? 

Drop an email to & you will receive a reply within 24 hours. If not please resend your email. Thank you.

4. Where is your studio situated? 

Sammy Khoo's KL studio is in Damansara Perdana. Once you make your booking with a confirmed date we will disclose to you where exactly we are. 

5. How many change of scene/lingerie/hairdo do we get to do for a shoot?

As many as you bring - we will see what we can fit into the session's time but it also depends on the package you get. 

6. Will the pictures 'photoshop-ed' to make us look good?

Photographs are professionally edited and creatively retouched by Sammy Khoo. 

7 How long does one have to wait before we get the pictures back home?

The entire process from shoot to delivery can span from 3 to 6 weeks & during peak seasons additional 3 to 6 weeks. *Charges imposed on rushed jobs. 

8. Will there be any other cost to be incurred on top of the package price? 

Unless you order additional prints, frames, photobooks, courier services or photos outside of the agreed upon package, there are no extra costs involved. 

9. Do you accept credit cards?

No we don't. 

10. Will you put up my photos on the web?

All photos that are deemed identifiable will not be loaded onto my website without prior permission been given by Clients. Should photos get loaded - they will be unidentifiable - meaning without heads in order to remain anonymous.  

11. What kind of make up will I get done? 

You will receive a mini make over & treatments such as eyebrow adjustments & hair straightening or curling are all a part of the process to achieving a photo shoot look. Clients can always opt to not have anything of these done by just saying "no thank you" to our make up artist. Perhaps you have your own make up artist or stylist you wish to engage for your comfort? If so state it in the enquiry.

12. Can I get a discount?

Sorry ladies, we wish we could. If you feel you can't afford the package for yourself - you can go ahead and select the package that can be shared by 2 ladies. 

13. Who makes the photo selection for shortlisted photos?

As the Photographer I hold creative license and will make the initial shortlist of photos presented to you and the final number of photos will be according to your photography package. Images are edited at the Photographer’s discretion, and delivered prints may not include all images shot. The Photographer reserves the creative rights to edit and release only those images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within the photographer’s artistic standards.  

14. How many people will there be on shoot? 

The  team consists of the Photographer Sammy Khoo, a female assistant and a female make up artist who also specializes in hair.

15. What are the payment terms involved?

A booking fee is required to secure a shoot date. The balance is required on the day of shoot. Clients are required to sign a photography agreement which ensures both photographer & client's privacy safety along with other concerns. You will receive the agreement on the day of shoot or prior that. 

16. Your package states up to 2 kids for the session allowed for a Maternity Package. I don't have kids yet -  May I replace these spots with other family members?

The Maternity Package is purely focused on the journey of motherhood. If you wish to have a Family Portrait Session that will be a separate package shot on a different day. A different cost all together. 


* Boudoir Asia & Sammy Khoo reserve the right to change packages from time to time What I offered before will not always be the same as what I offer now without securing the Promo Package with a booking fee.

* Should Clients have discrepancies about their make over, styling or hair & make up - they should be made known by the Client during the photo shoot and not after the fact. 

* Clients are required to bring all of their own lingerie & shoes for the shoot. Not bringing anything will directly affect the quality of photos - Sammy Khoo is not responsible for this should Clients not prepare for their shoots according to the preparation list that is sent to them prior their agreed shoot date. 

* Clients are required to pay in full on the photo shoot day in order to receive the photo shoot & final photos delivered. 

* A time is allocated for every Client's photos to be completed, should there be a delay in payment or a delay during the selection process by the Client - Sammy Khoo will not be held accountable for the lateness of delivery running past the agreed 6 weeks.